The contact centre in 2017

People love lists, and it seems the contact centre industry is no exception. The dawn of 2017 saw it tabulating topics and issues expected to be important in the year ahead.

US web site CCW Digital, which claims to be the most significant community, resource hub and advisory for customer management practice, call centre and customer experience professionals,” had a list of Eight Things Contact Centre Leaders Must Do In 2017 , as follows.

Establish an EP3 Experience  –  (EP3 being shorthand for effortless, personalised, predictive, and proactive experience)  –  Reward Customer Centricity  –  Optimize the Agent Experience  –  Humanize Technology  –  Integrate & Unify Contact Channels  –  Earn Every Seat at the Table  –  Value Scalability and Versatility  –  Leverage Data.

Embrace next-generation agent development. Train based on the voice of the customer. Don’t just think about service. 

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