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“Guatemala is becoming the best nearshore destination of Central America and the caribbean for the BPO industry”

Today in Guatemala there is 60,000 agents in the BPO industry, presence of big national and international companies, services exported to the United States, Canada, Mexico, the caribbean and Spain. Its industry is highly organized and along with the local government the goal is…

The Advantages of Outsourcing HR Functions

An organization’s human resources department is responsible for a variety of functions. An HR department may oversee employee payroll and tax filing, as well as employee benefit and health administration. A very critical HR function is also manage legal compliance, maintain files and records,…

Atento receives the European Customer Service Leadership Award from Frost & Sullivan

Atento has been recognized with Frost & Sullivan’s 2015 European Customer Service Leadership Award. According to Frost & Sullivan’s recent analysis of the European customer service market, Atento optimally manages human resources, infrastructure and processes to offer an excellent customer experience to companies in…

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